HSL filters up to 70°C / 158°F

Descripción del producto

The base body of the Herding® sinter-plate filter, which was developed in-house and is protected by patents world-wide, is made of sintered polyethylene (PE). Deposition of the product on the surface - classical surface filtration - is achieved by means of a coating which can vary in composition and type. In all cases the coating is embedded in the pores of the PE base body and forms a microporous surface.

  • The coating is comprised as standard of PTFE and, in conjunction with the base body material (PE), guarantees extensive resistance to chemicals
  • For elements marked with P(erformance), the composition of the coating was developed further: The PTFE fraction was reduced and replaced by PE, resulting in an even more uniform surface and ultimately less pressure loss at the element
  • On the elements marked with H(alogen-free), all halogens were removed from the coating. This is a requirement imposed by the tobacco industry for example.
  • Elements marked with M(ineral) have a coating consisting of mineral components, which makes them resistant over the ph range from 1 to 12 and also to numerous coolants and their additives

All elements are available in addition in a non-charging version, and the antistatic elements also come with a certificate.


  • Very low clean gas values < 0.1 mg/m³ (depending on the dust) result in a high rate of product recovery and protect man, machine and the environment from dust
  • A very long service life, also where abrasive media are involved, reduce the costs for servicing and spare parts
  • Constant operating conditions (pressure and suction ratios) ensure stable processes with less control effort

Características especiales

The materials used and the special geometry combine to lend the Herding® sinter-plate filter unique properties, e.g. the elements can be washed and recycled and the base body can be recoated. In-house production of the filter medium and plant enables optimum coordination of the deposition of product with the particular process.