Innovative filter technology for safe handling of paint powders

Expert talk at the 30th Pulversymposium in Dresden

Participants from all over Germany and the neighbouring countries meet for the largest industry meeting at the 30th Pulversymposium Dresden.


The safe handling of flammable and explosive dusts is particularly important for filtering separators. Within the EU the ATEX directives forms the basis the safe handling of fire and explosion hazards. Preventive and constructive measures are available as protection concepts.

The Herding Filtertechnik experts Jörg-Armin Schulz and Klaus Rabenstein provide in-depth information on "Innovative filter technology for safe handling of paint powders".

Get more information at the "Practical seminar on fire and explosion protection" on 8/9 September 2020 at Herding GmbH Filtertechnik in Amberg.